About Wild Thing


Sasquatch. Bigfoot. A dark shape running through the trees, a bit of fur caught on a twig, the rustling in the forest. Its legend extends back to precolonial times, but still captures modern imaginations. Companies market Bigfoot-themed goods: beer, television shows, bikes, coffee, socks... erotica. People slap “I believe” bumper stickers on their cars and kayaks and binge-watch Bigfoot-themed reality shows.

Part of this is tongue-in-cheek—Bigfoot as hipster accessory. But many people take Sasquatch seriously. Very seriously. Primatologists, naturalists, academics—perfectly rational and evidence-driven people who swear to his existence and know he (she? it?) is real. Veteran public radio producer Laura Krantz has met them. Wild Thing is Laura’s journey into the world of Bigfoot, introducing us to the true believers and the I-want-to-believers, while seeking to explore why this creature ignites our imaginations, where that fascination comes from, and why it persists.


About Laura


Laura Krantz has worked in journalism for over a decade, in both radio and print. She was an editor and producer at NPR in Washington, DC where she worked on multiple shows including Morning Edition and Weekend Edition, and at Southern California Public Radio (KPCC) in Los Angeles. She's written for various publications, including Popular Science, Smithsonian Magazine and Outside. In 2014-15, Laura was a Scripps Fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder. She's still keeping her eyes peeled for Bigfoot.



Scott Carney / Executive Producer

Scott Carney is the CEO (Chief Executive Octopus) of Foxtopus Ink and New York Times bestselling author of What Doesn't Kill Us and three other books. He really wants to believe.

Alisa Barba / Editor

Alisa Joyce Barba is an award-winning journalist, producer, writer, editor and journalism trainer with 25 years of experience in both network and public broadcasting. She hadn’t given much thought to Bigfoot before, but now sees him/her everywhere she looks.

Kelsey Ray / Producer

Kelsey Ray is a journalist and investigator living in Boulder, CO. She previously reported on healthcare, immigration and the environment for The Colorado Independent. She's a steadfast skeptic, but is rooting for the believers.


Ramtin Arablouei / Score and Sound Design

Ramtin Arablouei is a musician and composer, and a producer for NPR's podcasts How I Built This and TED Radio Hour. In full disclosure, he's been obsessed with the stories around Sasquatch since he was a kid. 

Sanaz Meshkinpour / Mix Engineer

Sanza Meshkinpour is a producer for NPR's TED Radio Hour and How I Built This podcasts. She keeps her opinions on Bigfoot to herself. 


Christopher Michael Button / Art

CM Button grew up along the Elk River in West Virginia. After spending four years in New Hampshire, he married a girl that knits and moved back. They live along the Kanawha River with his daughter, who plays trombone. He draws everyday and has never seen Sasquatch, but believes he could. 

Elias Rojas / Graphic Design

Elias Rojas is an artist and graphic designer with Cueva Productions. He currently lives in Venezuela. He has not seen a Sasquatch there. However, he aspires to move to Colombia someday - maybe he'll get lucky? 



Inquiries may be emailed to laura@foxtopus.ink.