A forward-thinking multimedia company, Foxtopus Ink has its tentacles in audiobooks, podcasts, ebooks, cryptozoology, cat-wrangling and editorial services. It’s the amalgamation of a fox and an octopus—an improbable animal that’s sleek, clever and able to escape from small glass boxes.

Scott Carney

Scott Carney, CEO (Chief Executive Octopus) is a New York Times bestselling author of What Doesn’t Kill Us and an investigative journalist. He founded Foxtopus Ink to expand the reach of his work into new territory. His other books include The Red Market and The Enlightenment Trap. He was a contributing editor at Wired for five years and his writing also appears in Mother Jones, Men’s Journal, Playboy, Foreign Policy, Discover, Outside and Fast Company.

Laura Krantz

Laura Krantz, CFO (Chief Fox Officer) is a journalist, editor and producer, in both audio and print. She currently runs Foxtopus Ink’s audio division. She spent close to a decade in public radio and has also written for Outside, Newsweek and Popular Science. She worked as lead editor of Take Two, a news magazine show at KPCC in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to that, she edited and produced for NPR's Morning Edition and Weekend Edition in Washington, DC.

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Inquiries about the nature of Foxtopus Ink or whether the foxtopus exists in nature can be directed to:

Scott Carney - scott@foxtopus.ink

Laura Krantz - laura@foxtopus.ink